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Customize Your Traffic Reports
When finished hit the "Go!" button at the bottom.

Reports are generated on Monday nights.

1. Traffic report for domain name: -Required

2. Select how often to generate report:

3. Select timeframe of report:

4. Select how often to archive data:

5. Select format: and style:

6a. Select a pre-configured report:


6b. Make your own report by entering the desired number of elements for each table or graph. Enter "0" if you don't want a table or graph for that category.

Available Items
# of Elements in Table
Graph Type
# of Elements in Graph
User Profile By Regions
Most Requested Pages
Least Requested Pages
Top Entry
Top Exit
Single Access Pages
Most Accessed Directories
Top Paths
Most Downloaded Files
Most Uploaded Files
Most Submitted Forms
Most Downloaded File Types
Advertising Table
Advertising Views
Advertising Clicks
Top Users
Most Active Countries
North American States
Most Active Cities
Most Active Organizations
Organization Breakdown
Summary of Activity by Time
Activity Level by Day of Week
Activity Level by Hour of Day
Technical Stats
Forms Submitted by Users
Client Errors
Page Not Found Errors
Server Errors
Top Referring Sites
Top Referring URLSs
Top Search Engines
Top Search Phrases
Top Search Keywords
Most Used Browsers
Netscape Versions
Internet Explorer Versions
Visiting Spiders
Most Used Platforms

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