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1. Choose your hosting options


Hosting Option: Domain Reservation ($10/month), Virtual Domain ($20/month),
Server A- 3 virtual domains ($60/month), Server B- 10 virtual domains ($110/month)
  Setup fee (applies to each new domain) x $50

2. Domain name billing

  Full Service ($140 for 2 years)

ABCDESIGNS does the research and takes care of billing.

Submit list of 15 desired domain names:
Self-service ($70 for 2 years)

You check Domain Name Availability and register with Network Solutions by clicking on banner to right.

Domain name(s) acquired:
Banners for Registration

Transfer existing domain name(s)

: Domain name(s) to be transferred
For E-mail addresses, aliases, autoresponders, and E-commerce requests please leave a vioce mail at 603-649-6557
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